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Northeast Resiliency Consortium's "Standards for Prior Learning Assessment"

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PLAIO is pleased to include a link to this publication developed by the Northeast Resiliency Consortium.

This document of PLA assessment policy standards development and practice is the outgrowth of the Northeast Resiliency Consortium. The standards are organized around Five Critical Factors for PLA Programs (Hoffman, Travers, Evans & Treadwell, 2009; Travers, 2013). Please see a more detailed description of the policies and practices from this consortium by Hatch, Amini, Damato, Stewart and Taylor, included in the Practice Today section of this issue of PLAIO.


Northeast Resiliency Consortium/Travers, N. L. (2015, September 2). Northeast Resiliency Consortium standards for prior learning assessment. Retrieved from


Special thanks to the Northeast Resiliency Consortium for allowing us to share this resource with our readers.