Andreas Fejes and Per Andersson

Effects of Recognition of Prior Learning as Perceived by Different Stakeholders

Per Andersson, Andreas Fejes


Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is an integral part of in-service training programs targeting elder care workers in nursing homes. Our main research question is as follows: What are the effects, as perceived by different stakeholders, of participation in RPL programs? We examine this issue through questionnaires and qualitative, semi-structured interviews. The stakeholders included in the study are care workers, supervisors, teachers and managers. We identify effects related to individual care workers and the nursing home as an organization. Three kinds of individual effects and three kinds of organizational effects are identified. The perceived individual effects are the acquisition of knowledge, increased self-esteem and a more professional work attitude. The organizational effects include a growing interest in in-service training, the introduction of new and more effective methods of in-service training, and an increase in reflection and discussion at work.

Keywords: Prior learning, elder care workers, in-service training, individual effects, organizational effects

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