PLA Inside Out: An International Journal on Theory, Research and Practice in Prior Learning Assessment

PLA Inside Out (PLAIO) is the first scholarly online journal entirely devoted to the recognition and assessment of prior experiential learning.

Vol 2, No 1 (2013): Open Learning, Open Educational Resources and PLA

Today, the terms “open learning” and “open educational resources” are often at the center of discussion, not only at education conferences but in public debate about the future of higher education. What do these terms mean; and, for our purposes at PLAIO, how are they connected to our interest in prior learning assessment? Many significant challenges emerge when we grapple with “evaluation,” “validation” and “recognition” of learning acquired through “open” venues. What processes should we use to determine what has been learned from such sources? What ideas and values inform our decisions? In this issue of PLAIO, we hope to encourage the examination of PLA/RPL policies and processes as we think about learning acquired from new and expanding open educational resources.

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Table of Contents


PLA/PLAR and Open Learning: Finding Connections PDF
Alan Mandell, Nan L. Travers, Amy McQuigge

Invited Essays

Pondering Change and the Relationship of Prior Learning Assessment to MOOCs and Knowledge in Higher Education PDF
Dianne Conrad
Reflection on “Ways of Seeing the Recognition of Prior Learning: What Contribution Can Such Practices Make to Social Inclusion?” PDF
Judith Anne Harris


Mapping Competencies: An Interview with Sally Johnstone PDF
Alan Mandell, Nan L. Travers
Learning in a World of Perishable Knowledge: An Interview with Diana Oblinger PDF
Alan Mandell, Nan L. Travers
Teach Globally, Accredit Locally: An Interview with George Siemens PDF
Alan Mandell, Nan L. Travers

Practice Today

The Tolerable Contradictions of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and the Potential Role of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) PDF
Leah Moss
Concept Mapping and PLA: Assessment of Tacit and Non-Linear Learning PDF
Viktoria Popova-Gonci
PLA Portfolio Assessment “Down and Dirty” PDF
Todd Siben

Ask A Question

What Would You Do?
Morry Fiddler, Gabrielle Dietzel

What's Happening NOW

Reviewing Workplace College-Level Learning: Creating a Consortium PDF
Marc Singer, Regina Riccioni, Nan L. Travers
Surging to the Future: British Columbia Summit 2013 PDF
Christine Wihak
The Global Learning Qualifications Framework PDF
Nan L. Travers, Amy McQuigge
National Institute on the Assessment of Adult Learning PDF
Alan Mandell, Nan L. Travers


From OER to PLAR: Credentialing for Open Education PDF
Norm Friesen, Christine Wihak
Ways of Seeing the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): What Contribution Can Such Practices Make to Social Inclusion? PDF
Judith Anne Harris

PLIRC Research Database

Open Educational Resources in the PLIRC Database PDF
Christine Wihak

ISSN: 2333-3588