PLA Inside Out: An International Journal on Theory, Research and Practice in Prior Learning Assessment

PLA Inside Out (PLAIO) is the first scholarly online journal entirely devoted to the recognition and assessment of prior experiential learning.

No 5 (2016): Assessment in the Recognition of Prior Learning

Table of Contents


Our Assessing Ways PDF
Alan Mandell, Nan L. Travers

Invited Essays

Assessment Philosophy: A Critically Conscious Tool for Ethical Skills Recognition PDF
Jen Hamer
Rethinking the Role of RPL Assessment Within an Interactive Activity System PDF
Loffie Naudé

Inquiry (Peer-Reviewed)

Tools of Assessment in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Within Vocational Education in Denmark PDF
Michael Andersen
A Framework for PLA in Traditional Higher Education: Experiential Learning Assessment for Embedded Outcomes PDF
William F. Heinrich, Jennifer Elaine Rivera
Effectively Engaging Marginalized Students in Prior Learning Assessment: A Case Study PDF
Rhianna C. Rogers, Michele Forte
The Thoughtful Assessment of Prior Learning: Hastening, Ensuring and Enhancing Graduation PDF
David Starr-Glass
Prior Learning and Ways of Knowing PDF
Karen A. Stevens

Practice Today

RED CARS: Portfolio Assessment of Experiential Learning as Critical Inquiry PDF
Elizabeth Anne Gauffreau
Approaches to Prior Learning Assessment Course Match Assessment Models PDF
Kathryn Khosravi, Sara Leiste
Assessment Strategies in the Recognition of Prior Learning: The Practitioner’s Perspective PDF
Leah Moss, Andy Brown, Laura Malbogat, Tetyana Tsomko
The New Portfolio Assessment PDF
Todd Siben
The WIO-COMPAS Program: RPL in Action PDF
Lawrence Sisitka, Meg Pahad, Glenn Ricci, Michele Martel


APEL: Pushing the Theoretical Boundaries PDF
Judith Anne Harris


AACRAO's "Credit for Prior Learning Practices: Results of the AACRAO December 2014 60 Second Survey"
PLA Inside Out
ACE's "Credit for Prior Learning: Charting Institutional Practice for Sustainability"
PLA Inside Out
CAPLA's Experience Matters Directory
PLA Inside Out
The Carnegie Unit: A Century-Old Standard in a Changing Educational Landscape
PLA Inside Out
Herman and Mandell's "Experiential Learnings Revised"
PLA Inside Out
Jacoby's "Getting Credit for What You Know"
PLA Inside Out
A Prior Learning Bibliography: Desiree Joosten‐ten Brinke, Dominique M. A. Sluijsmans, Saskia Brand-Gruwel, & Wim M. G. Jochems
PLA Inside Out
PLA Validity and Reliability: A Bibliography of the Work of Tova Stenlund
Tova Stenlund

PLIRC Research Database

Handbook of the Recognition of Prior Learning
Christine Wihak

In Memory

Urban Whitaker, 1924-2015
PLA Inside Out

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